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Environmental Challenges Over the Next Decade

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Challenges that lay ahead will reshape our world in ways we yet fully comprehend.

The rise in global risk on an environmental scale has been well stated. Extreme weather events of increasing severity and frequency, the degradation of biodiversity and ecosystems, and the failure to mitigate impacts of climate change bode poorly for all life on Earth. To meet these issues directly, means to kindle hope for future generations.

Ebb and Flow

“One vital task for us is to mend our relationship with our surroundings, giving and taking in equal parts.”

As coastlines give way to the tides, ice fades, habitats disappear and all are threatened. It is a stark reality. But it must be faced. Even under unadulterated circumstances we are required to adapt to our environment for our survival. In this essence we have much in common with fellow creatures that dwell on this plant alongside us. Once, not so very long ago, we understood the comings and goings, and well-being, of such organisms was intimately bound to our own. One vital task for us is to mend our relationship with our surroundings, giving and taking in equal parts.

Phantoms of Yesterday

Where once ice sat in deep, crystalline blue pillars seeming to prevail through eternity, researchers find emaciated polar bears half drowned, paddling for food, shelter, and survival. Far away in the archipelagos strewn about our oceans, families contemplate leaving ancestral homelands they've held for millennia. Annually, our public service men and women combat hellish wildfires which envelope communities whole. There exists no more adequate solutions beyond those that are preventative. Address the underlying causes, alleviate the symptoms.

Seed Awareness, Grow Consciousness

Lend your mind to our voice, as we do so to yours.”

It is a difficult and somewhat bleakly themed discussion, albeit necessary. As our population takes on more education from civilly minded citizens and well contemplated discussions regarding the prominence and scale of the challenges facing society, a growth of mindfulness can further spawn solutions to avert accruing damages. It begins with modeling the change, being the change, even simply setting the table with ceramics over plastics.

Our Part

All but one organism on Earth can address these challenges. Humanity. No other has the ability. Lend your mind to our voice, as we do so to yours. Talk about what your read here, see here, with your friends and family. Encourage exploration so that every individual can find their unique motive to Be the Change. Obstacles such as these require unity. Our part is to facilitate it.

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